Removing an organization member

Teams change, and occasionally members of your team may come and go. Org Admins can manage org members easily in the Manage Team section of the Routines screen.


  1. To remove members from an organization, you'll need to use Tactick on a computer, not a mobile device.
  2. If you're the owner of the organization, you'll need to transfer org ownership before you can remove yourself from the organization.

Removing a member

Org members can remove themselves from the organization by leaving it themselves, or they can be removed by an Org Admin.

Warning: Several things happen when you remove an organization member: they lose all roles in the organization, any areas they own will be reassigned to the organization owner, and any routines and tasks they own will be changed to "Unassigned".

Removing an organization member cannot be undone. They can can rejoin the organization if they are invited by an Org Administrator, but they will not return with any of the roles they had before you removed them.


To remove an org member:

  1. Go to the Manage Team section of the Routines screen.
  2. Hover over or tap on the person tile for the member you want to remove and select the Remove button.
  3. On the confirmation page, click Yes, remove them.

This change will take effect immediately.

Once the org member has been removed, they will no longer be able to access the Tactick organization and cannot re-invite themselves back to the organization — they will need to be re-invited by an Org Administrator.

Task history for removed members

Removing an org member does not delete the tasks, routines, or areas they owned, but it does delete their task completion history. When an org member is removed, any areas they own are reassigned to the organization owner, and any routines and tasks they own are changed to "Unassigned".