Getting performance reports

One of Tactick’s most powerful features is the ability for teams to be mutually accountable for their recurring tasks.


Org Admins can view leaderboards for their organization on the Progress screen. These leaderboards show each member of the organization sorted by percent accountable then by percent of tasks done. Org Admins can view leaderboards for the organization overall or for any Area in the organization. Note that only people with 1 or more assigned tasks during the reporting period are included in the report.


Task Summaries

You can view a task summary showing your accountability to tasks assigned to you across all organizations you’re a member of. You can view your task summary on the Progress screen by selecting All Organizations in the org dropdown, All Areas in the area banner, and yourself in the people banner.

Performance Emails

The leaderboards and task summaries are great accountability tools, but you can only view them when you’re signed in to Tactick. To maximize the availability of these tools, there's a Performance Emails section on the Settings screen. Here you can choose to have a Task Summary report delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, and/or monthly (remember, this includes only tasks assigned to you).

For organizations for which you are an admin, you can choose to have Org Reports sent to you daily, weekly, and/or monthly as well (these are organization-wide leaderboard views). Daily emails are sent in the morning for the prior day, weekly emails are sent on Mondays for the prior week (Sunday through Saturday), and monthly emails are sent on the 1st of the month for the prior month.