Adding a Routine

Routines — short for Organized Routines™ — are the building blocks of Tactick. Routines are the jobs or responsibilities that need to be managed in a small business (or any organization) to keep it running smoothly. There are 2 ways you can make a routine: 1) you can add and customize a pre-built routine from the Routine Library or 2) you can make a routine on your own from scratch.

Note: To add a routine in an organization you don't own, you need to have the proper permissions.

Adding a routine from the Routine Library

  1. Go to the Library screen.
  2. Review the 12 sections in the Library. The first 4 sections are for work / business organizations: People, Money, Market, and Product. The other 8 sections are for personal / family organizations: Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart, Home, Culture, Marriage, and Kids.
  3. Click on a Routine to view its daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks.
  4. Choose a Routine you like, hit the Add it button, and pick which one of the areas in your organization you want to add the routine to.

Go to the Routines screen and customize the Routine’s name, goal, tasks, and frequencies – see the next section for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.


Adding a routine on your own

  1. Go to the Routines screen.
  2. Select the area of your organization you want to make your new routine in (or, if you added a routine from the Routine Library, select the area you added that routine to).
  3. On the Add New Routine tile, click the On My Own button. You’ll see a new routine appear called *Enter Routine Name*.

  4. Click on the *Enter Routine Name* tile to see the details for the new routine.

  5. Enter a name and goal for the routine.
  6. Enter a task name for the first task – its default name is *Enter Task Name*.
  7. Open the Task Frequency popup for the task by selecting either the words ‘NOT SET’ in the WHEN column or the words [click to set] in the DETAILS column.

  8. Pick a start date – the default is today’s date.
  9. Pick an end date (if applicable) – the default is 'never'.
  10. Pick a frequency – the default is daily.
  11. View the summary – you can make exceptions and additions to the task frequency if needed.
  12. Hit the Save and Close button to close the popup.
  13. Pick a duration – the duration is 15 minutes.
  14. Click the notes icon to enter task notes as needed.

When you're ready, assign the task to one or more people in your organization.

Add and customize as many tasks as needed (up to 25) to complete your routine.


Bonus Round: Assigning tasks to other people

After you have a routine's tasks built out, then comes the fun part: assigning the tasks to people in your organization! You can assign any task to another person, to multiple people, or to everyone on your organization – or can make the task unassigned. You can even add a new person to your organization and assign them a task at the same time.