Adding an Area

Areas are the categories, departments, or drivers of an organization (like Product, Market, Money, and People in a small business). For more details, see how Tactick is organized. There is no limit to the number of areas you can have in an organization.

Note: To add an area to an organization you don't own, you need to have the proper permissions.


Adding an area to an organization

  1. Go to the Design Work section of the Routines screen.
  2. Click the Add New Area button — it's at the end of the list of areas in your area banner.

  3. Enter a name for the area and hit the Add it button. Keep in mind that area names can be a maximum of 15 characters long.

  4. You can change the area picture by clicking the Change Area Pic button at the left of the area banner.

That's it! You have a shiny new area. Now would be a great time to assign the area to someone in your organization and add a routine in the area.