Adding a Task

Tasks are where the rubber hits the road and make routines come alive. For more details, see how Tactick is organized.

Adding a new task to a routine

  1. Go to the Routines screen.
  2. Click on the routine you want to add a task to.
  3. Click on the Add New Task button.
  4. Enter a task name for the new task – its default name is *Enter Task Name*.

  5. Open the Task Frequency popup for the task by selecting either the words ‘NOT SET’ in the WHEN column or the words [click to set] in the DETAILS column. (In the picture below we've named the task 'Submit the sales report')

  6. Pick a start date – the default is today’s date.
  7. Pick an end date (if applicable) – the default is 'never'.
  8. Pick a frequency – the default is daily.
  9. View the summary – you can make exceptions and additions to the task frequency if needed.
  10. Hit the Save and Close button to close the popup.

When you're ready, assign the task to one or more people in your organization.

Add and customize as many tasks as needed (up to 25) to complete your routine.