Formatting your Task Notes

Markdown is a simple language used to add formatting to text. Tactick uses a modified version of the Markdown syntax.  It allows you to easily add bold, italics, links, code blocks, block quotes, and headers to blocks of texts. You can add markdown to the notes popup for your tasks. You can view the entire Markdown syntax at

Markdown syntax

This syntax works in the notes popup for your tasks.

Bold text - Mark text in double asterisks, like **this**, to make it bold.

Italic text - Mark text in single asterisks, like *this*, to make it italic. You can also use underscores to achieve the same, for example: _this_

Links - Create a link by putting the link in http format (e.g.,

Code block - Include formatted code by wrapping it in three backticks (```) at the beginning and end of the block, or by starting a line with four spaces. Note that the triple backticks have to be on a separate line and ensure you have a blank line before and after the code block.

Inline code - Include inline formatted code by wrapping it in a single backtick (`) at the beginning and end of the code.

Indent text / Block Quotes - Indent text by including a “>” in front of each line of the text that you’d like to indent or quote.

Headers - Headers can be marked in several ways. Text in #Single Hashes# will be interpreted like an `<h1>` HTML tag (a big header). Text in ##Double Hashes## will be interpreted like an `<h2>` HTML tag (a smaller header). A line of hyphens, like ------- , below text will also be interpreted as an `<h2>` tag. 

Horizontal line - Including a line of hyphens, like ------- , on its own line in a comment will create a horizontal line in the comment. Include an extra line break after any text before the line of hyphens to prevent the hyphens from being interpreted as header syntax.

This is all the Markdown syntax that's available in Tactick, but if you'd like to learn more about Markdown in general, you can see the complete syntax at Daring Fireball.