Seeing your recent performance

One of Tactick’s most engaging features is real-time feedback on how well you've been sticking with each of your recurring tasks.

For each task you're viewing on the Tasks screen you can see the percent of the time that you've marked that task as Done recently (including today) and can see an emoticon for that level of performance. Here's an example of a task tile:


This task has been done 80% of the time recently (including today's occurrence). 

You can also see recent performance across each routine on the Routines screen. Here's an example of a routine tile:

The tasks in this routine have been marked done 84% of the time recently (including any occurrences of tasks that are due today).

Here's a list of all the emoticons and their corresponding "% Done Recently" ranges:


Using your Recent Performance as a Guide to Improve

If you're not satisfied with your recent performance, then seeing these emoticons and percentages may be a little disheartening at first, but they can be really motivating as well! Serious progress is about understanding your actual performance so you can know where to focus and make improvements. To quote Wayne Gretzky ... we miss 100% of the shots we don't take. So don't worry too much about your performance out of the gate: focus on staying accountable day in and day out and your performance will take care of itself over time.